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The Mindskills Coaching Phenomenon

The Mindskills approach to professional health coaching is about returning the power back to the individual.  It is an unfortunate fact that as we have become more and more advanced in our technology we have relinquished more and more control over to others.  We wish and we want but sit back waiting for others to provide.  Often unable to do anything to attain our dreams simply because we have forgotten how. 

I was talking with a Coach the other day and was dumbfounded by their description as to what they do for their clients. 

Quote: “I help them achieve their Financial, Relationship, Health, Career, etc. goals by making them accountable and responsible.  I call them weekly and by doing so they feel obliged and often guilty for not performing their agreed targets and operations.”

My response was to ask what exactly he brought to the partnership.  What experience he could offer in case his clients were unable through their lack of personal experiences? What skills, techniques or tactics could he brings to those clients who are struggling? 

His response was even more flabbergasting: 

Quote: “I don’t need to bring anything.  Mohamed Ali the worlds greatest ever boxer had a coach who wasn’t a patch on the skills that Mohamed possessed.  Every sportsman and woman have coaches who are not as skilled in their performance as those who are their clients.  My clients bring their own set of skills and expertise.  All I do is help them discover them.”

Please excuse me but that is BS.  Yes every professional sportsman and woman has a coach that draws the best from them but these coaches are trained to see the details of the sport.  They can spot idiosyncrasies and draw conclusions because they have studied in minute details what is required.  Yes an inexperienced coach can give something to the mix but they are extremely limited in how far they can support the client. 

A great coach is like the spotter in a ships crows nest. He/She can look ahead to where the captain of the ship is sailing and provide direction so that obstacles are avoided not encountered.

If you want a coach that not only walks the talk but can also mentor you then give me a call or drop me an email.  

or visit my website:

PS. I use a technique called the T.A.C.T.I.C. Model.

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