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Marketing Hypnosis and Coaching

If you want to make a living from hypnosis then there is one thing that you need to learn – Learn how to Market your business. It doesn’t matter if you are marketing offline or online – you need to know how to market. Marketing is not selling or advertising – Marketing is not posters or leaflets – Marketing is not what most hypnosis training organisations think it is. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that advertising is marketing. Nothing is further from the truth.

One of the problems is that many new to business (therapy, stage, or any business) seem to think that clients will beat a path to their door. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only that but clients are a heck of a lot more discerning nowadays. I am going to tell you the hard truth here – people don’t care about you or your therapy business. So you can be as qualified and competent as anyone but unless you market yourself properly – you will starve.

Let me tell you a secret – there are hundreds of gurus out there who will try and teach you how to market your business and all they do is tell you how they market their business. Your marketing is a personal presentation of you and a reflection of your potential client’s personality. I market to corporate clients and I do that differently to how I market to coaches or therapists. However, if there is one piece of advice that is sooooo important this is it – NICHE. Be known for something. Clients have a specific problem and look for specific solutions. Be that solution. If you have an in-growing toenail you don’t seek a brain surgeon you seek a chiropodist. If your client is wanting to lose weight they seek weight loss advice. The fact that you can help is no good if they aren’t looking for you. They will pay top dollar for an expect and pennies for a generalist.

I cannot tell you how to run your business but what I would suggest is that you should know what the minimum income you need to support a comfortable lifestyle and then set your marketing strategy accordingly. Your marketing should be at least 50% of your working week. In my case my working week averages out at around 55% marketing, 35% preparation of materials and 10% earning an income. That is why I choose niche markets that can accommodate my fees. So find a niche, one that can pay you what you want to charge and focus your marketing efforts on them.

OK to some free marketing efforts – marketing nowadays is a heck of a lot easier than it was ten years ago. The world has changed and so must you. You need to become internet savvy. You don’t need to be an IT expert but you need to know some basic tools.

Marketing Tip 1. Create high quality, unique content.
Marketing Tip 2. Update and Keep adding content.
Marketing Tip 3. Get a memorable domain name.
Marketing Tip 4. Buy the wrong domain name.
Marketing Tip 5. Invest in an easy to read domain name.
Marketing Tip 6. Use keywords in image files.
Marketing Tip 7. Do some serious keyword research.
Marketing Tip 8. Improve your page titles.
Marketing Tip 9. Learn organic SEO.
Marketing Tip 10. Submit to directories.
Marketing Tip 11. Submit to niche directories.
Marketing Tip 12. Use Article distribution.
Marketing Tip 13. Write articles for other sites.
Marketing Tip 14. Submit articles to newsletters.
Marketing Tip 15. Submit hints to blogs.
Marketing Tip 16. Make sure you use keywords in online profiles.
Marketing Tip 17. You want one way links.
Marketing Tip 18. Invite others to publish content.
Marketing Tip 19. Niche newsletter publication.
Marketing Tip 20. Newsletter directories.
Marketing Tip 21. Publish a mini-course.
Marketing Tip 22. Write testimonials.
Marketing Tip 23. Be helpful in forums.
Marketing Tip 24. Post free ads in forums.
Marketing Tip 25. Be helpful in discussion lists.
Marketing Tip 26. Keyword rich press releases.
Marketing Tip 27. Create a lively blog.
Marketing Tip 28. Blog RSS feeds.
Marketing Tip 29. RSS to email.
Marketing Tip 30. Remove broken links.
Marketing Tip 31. Podcasting.
Marketing Tip 32. Use reliable hosting.
Marketing Tip 33. Tweak internal linking.
Marketing Tip 34. Twitter properly
Marketing Tip 35. Use Web 2.0 to its fullest advantage
Marketing Tip 36. Chase new fads and hot topics.
Marketing Tip 37. Chase new affiliate programs.
Marketing Tip 38. Analyse your logs.
Marketing Tip 39. Join and attend business associations.
Marketing Tip 40. Add a forum to your site.
Marketing Tip 41. Write free reports or white papers.
Marketing Tip 42. Write brandable reports.
Marketing Tip 43. Submit to ebook directories.
Marketing Tip 44. Offer to be a columnist.
Marketing Tip 45. Write a regular article for a Niche magazine.
Marketing Tip 46. Write a regular article for a general magazine.
Marketing Tip 47. Offer to moderate part of a forum.
Marketing Tip 48. Do something funny and outrageous.
Marketing Tip 49. Be outrageous or controversial.
Marketing Tip 50. Tag your blogs.
Marketing Tip 51. Newspaper websites.
Marketing Tip 52. Upload and tag your photos.
Marketing Tip 53. Use gimmicks.
Marketing Tip 54. Create deliberate “link bait”.
Marketing Tip 55. Syndicate your material.
Marketing Tip 56. Position yourself as an expert.
Marketing Tip 57. Create a profile on
Marketing Tip 58. Combine JV’s with email capture.
Marketing Tip 59. Create unique offline advertising promos.
Marketing Tip 60. Place a link in Yahoo! Answers.
Marketing Tip 61. Get links from eBay.
Marketing Tip 62. Get links from AdSense.
Marketing Tip 63. Add useful comments to blogs.
Marketing Tip 64. Add sticky content.
Marketing Tip 65. Add classified ads to your site.
Marketing Tip 66. Social networking.
Marketing Tip 67. Create your own fanclub.
Marketing Tip 68. Trade ads in newsletters.
Marketing Tip 69. Leave your card in less obvious places.
Marketing Tip 70. Create free web-based software.
Marketing Tip 71. Create downloadable software.
Marketing Tip 72. Get publicity for your software.
Marketing Tip 73. Create a funny video.
Marketing Tip 74. Use a signature file.
Marketing Tip 75. Think viral.
Marketing Tip 76. Email page to a friend.
Marketing Tip 77. Add to favourites.
Marketing Tip 78. Start an affiliate program.
Marketing Tip 79. Remember About us pages.

If all this is gobbledegook or daunting then I have a few possible solutions for you.

    1. Invest in a mentor and coach. Make sure you get one that understands your business and can also help you develop YOUR niche market using the latest online resources.
    2. Attend a group seminar/workshop run by someone who can explain how all this stuff affects you and how to make the most of it.
    3. Get hold a good Internet Marketing Video Training programme on CD ROM or DVD.
    4. Learn to be different by stepping outside the mould.

Nobody can make you successful. That is your job. However, what a lot of struggling business people do wrong is to gather information and knowledge in the vain hope of success. It doesn’t work that way. In fact if you have ever watched the movie ‘The Secret’ and believe that all you need to do is set in motion the Law of Attraction then you have fallen victim to the biggest con on the century. For the Law of Attraction to work you need to recognise opportunities when they come up and then know how to take the fullest advantage of them when they do. It is a bit like a kid playing soccer, they shout for a pass and when it arrives they trip over their feet in the excitement.

How to be successful in any business is to learn to master the rudiments i.e. crawl, walk then run. Nowadays a successful business must also embrace new technology and that is why a good coaching programme is so important.

If you are looking for that essential support then let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I am pretty busy just now but I can certainly help you with all 4 of the above.

Drop me a line at and we can arrange a time when we can talk.

Take care


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Am I living a lie?

I got a question from a fellow therapist regarding how best to deal with a client who had multiple problems of negative associations.

Question – I have recently been working with someone on their core issues.

What came up is as follows:

  • A strong victim archetype.
  • A sense they don’t love themselves
  • A sense they cant trust people.
  • They are frightened.
  • They are scared.
  • They have self-worth issues.
  • they have self-doubt.
  • They have no passion for life.
  • The overall feeling was that they believe the vast parts of their life are a sham and a lie.

    Mindskills Approach Coaching ANSWER –

    It can be difficult to give an accurate solution to your client’s problem without knowing specific details but from the general picture you painted I have noted my thoughts below.

    A lot of people believe that their life is a sham and that someday someone will find them out. This is usually due to Johari’s Window or more accurately Nohari Window when dealing with negative traits.

    I don’t know if you are aware of Johari’s Window but your client is displaying atypical symptoms of predominantly observing their world through the wrong window. Johari’s window simply explained –


    First window – Things that everyone knows about you – Arena;
    Second window – Things that only you know about you – Façade;
    Third window – Things that only others know about you and that you don’t know – Blind Spot; and
    Fourth window – Things that no one knows – Unknown.

    Your client seems to be judging themselves by comparing their Second window observations with a First window world view and unfortunately it is like comparing apples and oranges. Hence the distress, dilemma, unworthy feelings etc. (or however it manifests itself)

    The best way to proceed is to know how your client stores their emotional connections.
    Some ways to approach this are:

  • Listing and SUDsing or MILing all problems and tapping down the emotional intensity using EFT or Freeway-CER.
  • Calibrate how they Mentally, Physically and Emotionally conceptualise and contextualise each problem.
  • Reframing their different observations and associations.
  • Build control strategies using CBT trance work, Trance-free Hypnosis or Emotrance shield work.
  • Build strength and sustainability using the 9 Processes of Change integrated into the 6 Stages of Change.
  • Any one or a combination of all of the above should help.

    One of the biggest hurdles we face in our line of work is that many therapists and clients expect instant results, which is possible when a problem is situational or easily contextualised. But with client’s who present entrenched and multi-faceted problems with no discernable root cause or understanding of the influential factors then it is a disservice to them and us to expect a magic single session approach. It is like painting over dry rot – the problem rarely goes away and will often manifest itself in a different guise at a future date. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of what we do provides an instant feedback and a noticeable result but when a client’s problem has inertial characteristics then we owe it to them to acknowledge that in their sessions. Therefore building a deep intuitive rapport with the client is essential and this is done by listening at the third level of communications.

    Hope this helps but if you need further clarification then please contact me via my website at or drop me an email

    Check out the resources file for Nohari Window



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