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Swine Flue – Contingency planning

The following information from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development on helping employers deal with Swine Flu is excellent. However, as a Risk Management Coach and a sole proprietor I don’t have employees and my business doesn’t allow for absenteeism. So I have highlighted what I do to minimise the risk of me falling ill, whether it be from Swine Flu or even worse Man Flu :o).

CIPD ADVICE: Employers should:

  • Be prepared by developing a contingency plan.

    Make sure that you build a strong immune system. Don’t wait for a manufactured vaccine help your body build its own resistance before it’s needed. This is done via a good nutritional diet, moderate exercise, no high carbs or sugary snacks, and a daily dose of a tropical fruit drink called Mangosteen Juice. My whole family are on the same regime and my daughter works in a pharmacy, my son and his partner are nurses so they are exposed to all sorts on a daily basis. So far over the past five years we have all avoided the flu, the cold or any other illnesses. I have a disabling respiratory weakness caused by a severe allergic sensitivity to wood and paper dusts so protecting my respiratory system is essential for my continued wellbeing. If I get the flu it could be fatal so I am considered the At Risk category. I know this regime works and I cannot afford to be wrong. This might be anecdotal but to me it is evidence – it also helps being a Professional Health Coach which paramount in my managing my condition. If you need help in building your immune system or to aid recovery from chronic ill health then drop me an email – I’ve been there and came out the other side.

  • Have strategies to maximise the amount of home-working that is possible by staff.

    I run online training events and hold meetings most days of the week and I do it all from my home office. My client base is International and using the Internet and Conferencing Facilities as suggested below I have established a good business model. For this I use Globalpreneurs.

  • Investigate ways of increasing use of video links and teleconferencing which can help limit the amount of face-to-face contact.

    Due to my allergic sensitivity I was forced some years ago to change how I perform my services and over the past few years I have seen the cost of using online video conferencing drop to a very affordable level. I use a system that gives me unlimited video conferencing and online PowerPoint presentations for around £20 a month. This saves me hiring a venue or travelling to meetings. I also allows my clients to attend a one hour conference or coaching session from their office desk with minimum disruption at the workplace. I also use a live Video link from my client website so that they can contact me from their computer. And if they require a meeting then I can set a private conference up in less than a minute.

  • For service/customer facing organisations, explore the possibility of increasing the amount of online transactions as well as self-service options for customers.

    I hold discussions with potential clients online and via the telephone. All payments are via my online payment system and I also have an online client management system where they can access my diary to check my availability. I use The Coaches Console for this. They give you a Professional Edge.

  • Have in place plans that will enable the organisation to operate on a skeleton staff.

    I am the skeleton staff and so are the rising number of contract trainers, coaches and consultants.

  • Identify key roles that must be carried out and identify those individuals who have a wide range of skills who can fulfil more than one function.

    As a sole proprietor Networking and Joint Ventures is important. I have a network of contact partners across the globe should I need them. Fortunately we only meet to discuss business opportunities and market trends.

  • Ensure that procedures are developed to ensure smooth handovers for employees who are filling in for colleagues in unfamiliar roles. It may be necessary to provide additional training and a risk assessment if individuals are moving to roles where there may be a healthy and safety risk.

    As a sole proprietor you don’t have that luxury.

Working as a Risk Management Coach I don’t do anything without first considering the risks. Before any of us decides to make a decision or to even put off making a decision then we need to consider the risks. Swine Flu is no different. Risk Management Coaching is about:

  • Protection – Shielding people and businesses from harm.
  • Prevention – Helping those with existing problems to manage their recovery and prevent their situation from worsening.
  • Promotion – Creating a safe and healthy environment through enabling cultural and behavioural change at a core level.
  • Prediction – Developing the gift of insight.

I hope this helps you to see that Managing the Risks is far better than Managing the Consequences. Swine Flu is a Risk that must be considered whether you are a large organisation or, like me, a sole proprietor.

There is one thing you cannot afford and that is to do nothing. If you want to eliminate or reduce the risks to your business from any quarter then follow the principles above. If you need assistance then drop me an email and we can arrange a No Cost/No Obligation Risk Management Coaching session.


Wilf Archer; PhD, Chartered MCIPD, CMIOSH, GHR(Reg).

Risk Management Coach



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Hypnotic Spiral

Just a quick post with the script for the hypnotic spiral. If you need to know how to use it then drop me a line.

Copy and paste the script below into any web page.


<script src=”;synd=open&amp;w=300&amp;h=300&amp;title=Hypnomatic&amp;border=%23ffffff%7C3px%2C1px+solid+%23999999&amp;output=js”></script&gt;

Hope you enjoy.



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You’ll Never Catch a Dog By Chasing It.


The Mindskills Approach to Coaching

By Wilfred S G Archer PhD; Chartered MCIPD; MIOSH; GHR(Reg)

Recently, as I thought about the problem of gaining people’s consensus and commitment to behavioural change, a story came to mind. I grew up in a small Ayrshire town and my main pet was a wise old German Shepherd bitch called Tina. When my elder brother and I were old enough we were allowed to take the old girl for walks.

One summer’s day, my father asked my brother and me to take Tina down the field and to be quick as we were going into town. We got down the field and let her run around for about five minutes then shouted “Tina, time to go home now. Come, get your leash on. Come on girl.” She looked up for a second then lowered her head and carried on sniffing around the bushes. She had decided that she was happy doing what she wanted and didn’t want to go home and anyway we were just kids so we could be ignored. We called again but this time with extreme authority, you know the type that only an eight year old kid can have, only to be ignored again. “We had better go and get her” my brother said ” ‘cos we’re going to be late if we stand around shouting any longer.” As we approached her, she, without looking up, walked away. So we sped up and as we did, so did she. We got faster and faster, and so did she. We were a picture, running through the field chasing and screaming after this dog but she was having none of it. Keeping just far enough out of reach so we couldn’t catch her. Exhausted we sat down on the grass. We looked at our watches and remembered my dad’s words. Half an hour had passed. We were in trouble. What were we going to do? We looked up and we could see the silhouette of my dad coming over the brow of the hill. “Now we are for it” my brother said. Expecting the worse, we began to cry and by the time my dad reached us we were sobbing. Through our tears we blubbered our excuses “She wouldn’t come when we shouted her. Honest we’ve been trying for ages but she just wouldn’t listen.” A large grin shot across his face. “You’ll never catch a dog by chasing it” he laughed in his broad Yorkshire voice. “If you want to get her to do what you want you have to make ‘what you want’ more interesting than what she is doing. You will need to lead her not follow her. Now call her to get her attention and run towards home. She will follow, nothing is surer.” We called her and without waiting ran towards home. Dad was right, Tina lifted her head, saw us running away and shot after us. I have no idea what was going through her mind but she started galloping after us, caught us, past us and was home before us.

So how does this apply to you?
The whole world is just like my old dog. They are totally focused on their lives and no matter how much you need them to listen they are engrossed in their own world.  It could be potential customers, clients, employees, managers or family. 

You could be advertising, running training, holding meetings, or even standing in the middle of the room screaming your head off at some aberrant teenager.  And you might just as well be talking to yourself. 

No One Is Listening and it is pointless blaming them because – guess what? They are not listening.

The Solution –  You need to Get Their Attention and To Follow Your Lead, otherwise you will be watching the world go round – a mere observer while others get there before you or just ignore you.   

The Mindskills Approach to Coaching helps you develop the Knowledge, Skills and Competencies to be the architect of your world and your life. 

“Where do I start?”  I hear you ask. 

To find Out How The Mindskills Approach can help you – For a Trial (No Cost/No Obligation) Coaching Session.

  Contact me on to arrange a chat. 

Wilf Archer   Blog:

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Workplace Violence – No excuse

Physical violence is a serious occupational hazard. It covers insults, threats or physical aggression. In 2005 4% of workers report being subjected to actual physical violence from members of the public in the previous twelve months. There is no excuse for violent behaviour.

Violence can come from inside or outside an organisation. Specific acts of violence may be unpredictable, but the likely situations in which violence occurs are not. Risk factors include working with the public, handling money, and working alone.

The consequences of violent incidents, which include injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, sickness absence and poor job performance, can be extremely serious both for individuals and organisations.

Organisations cannot wait until a physical assault takes place before acting. Effective interventions should match an organisation’s particular circumstances, and be based on thorough risk assessments.

Approaches based on preventing violence in the first place are more sustainable than isolated, individual-level measures once an incident has occurred. Effective measures can include providing adequate lighting and video surveillance systems, making changes in work organisation and job design to avoid employees working alone, and providing training in managing difficult situations with customers and recognising warning signs.

It is also important to have procedures that are to be followed in the case of any violent incident, including providing the victim with psychological support.


However, be careful. There are the occasional elements within some organisations that will ‘Cry Wolf’ and that will undermine all the good work and support you provide. I know of a couple of supervisors who work for the local authority who deliberately antagonise members of the public, winding them up until they raise their voice. Then run to their manager and complete a ‘Violence Report’. This leaves the member of the public feeling bullied, harassed and intimidated as the wheels of authority brow beat them into submission. The accuser then has an excuse to claim stress and anxiety and take a well earned break from work. While the real victim is subjected to the letter of accusation and threat of criminal investigation.


So Yes a good Violence Policy is needed but it has to be managed and controlled. All accusations must be properly investigated and all parties given equal rights until a conclusion is reached. False accusations should be strongly dealt with.


So how do you know when opposing parties are telling the truth?

This is where Competence Coaching comes into play. Learning to listen to people at an intuitive level, learn to listen to what not is said and the internal language of the interviewee. Use Global Listening – In Competence Coaching we teach advanced Global Listening techniques. If you are threatened by false accusations or even if you want to protect your organisation from the abuse of false accusations then contact – to arrange a for confidential chat.


Wilf Archer, PhD, Chartered MCIPD; CMIOSH; RSP; GHR(Reg)

Chartered Practitioner


Wilf Archer is the UKs leading Mindskills Therapists and Competence Coach.

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Stress – Killer or Con

Is workplace Stress a killer or is it just an excuse? This is certainly an additional concern to those who are already suffering from work related stress and certainly the stigma of being perceived as a bludger or weak are probably the main reasons that many delay seeking help. As a Mindskills Therapist and Competence Coach I deal with the hapless victims of work and life related stress on a daily basis.
However, it has been my experience that the majority of clients wait until there is damaging physical evidence The problem is that stress is a succession of ever increasing symptoms and is easily treated if gotten early enough. A bit like a row of dominoes where one falls over and the rest follow on but remove just one and the toppling stops. The inevitable emotional train wreck is stopped in its tracks.


I have no doubt that unmanaged – Stress, left unchecked, is a Killer Condition. Not only that but even when the problems are not necessarily work related they are work affected.

So why do so many organisations and individuals see stress as a Con trick?

The answer is simple – they don’t see the other dominoes. For example – when a supervisor chastises an employee and that employee then disappears with “Work Related Stress” what they are not aware of are the many other dominoes that have already begun to topple and their flippant remark has just knocked over another. Not only that, but the other dominoes may not be linked to any other work related issues. So what happens is that we have the supervisor wondering what went wrong, the employer walking on eggshells and the stressed out employee heading for a total breakdown or the civil courts.

The Solution

The solution depends on when the sufferer seeks help. The cause is rarely the chastisement, remark or the stress situations at work or home but a lack of control over them. This is where The Mindskills Approach is essential. If damage has already occurred then we need to stop the rot. We need to remove the next domino in the sequence before we get to Serious Ill Health. For this we use Mindskills Therapy – a unique combination of Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP) and Intervention therapies – to build mental, physical and emotional strength. Then we rebuild the competence level through Competence Coaching. Competence Coaching is about rebuilding the life and work coping resources. The wrong solution is what many stress Counsellors and Therapists offer today – Imagine just for a moment that you are feeling the strain. You have a heavy workload and you are not coping too well. So you take out a few minutes to meditate and relax. You now feel great and you get back to work. However, the effect is only temporary. While you were relaxing the problem was growing and the conveyor belt of life was still running. All you did was increase the concentration of the pressures by not dealing with the problem. That is why the Mindskills Approach works for you. It helps you identify more efficient ways of managing your stressors. It provides you with the mental acuity and strength to solve your problems. The very problems that are slowly killing you. The longer you travel down the wrong road the greater the damage that needs to be repaired.

A Problem Ignored will Fester. A Problem Handled will Wither.

Handle Your Problems with The Mindskills Approach

The Mindskills Approach is extremely simple and yet so very effective. It works for every areas of your life and work. It is the modern solution to modern problems. The Mindskills Approach is like a Processor Upgrade for your Brain. Your brain operates your world and unless you learn how to use it, it will become overloaded. This overload is the seed of stress damage. This overload is what the causes the first domino to start falling.

Give me a call – or visit my website at

Sessions can be held online over our unique secure conference facility. There is no need to travel or sit in a consulting room. Sit at home and have a chat with your personal Mindskills Therapist and Competence Coach and be amazed at the results.

If you are an HR or Safety Manager then we can work with you and your staff to develop a personalized plan of action that is fully compliant with occupational safety and health.

The Mindskills Approach – Helping Managers to Manage and People to Cope – by developing the tools, techniques and strategies associated with the Protection, Prevention, Promotion and Prediction of you and your workforce.

Protection – Shielding people and businesses from harm.
Prevention – Helping those with existing problems to manage their recovery and prevent their situation from worsening.
Promotion – Creating a safe and healthy environment through enabling cultural and behavioural change at a core level.
Prediction – Developing the skills of insight – solving problems before they become an issue.


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