Stress – Killer or Con

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Is workplace Stress a killer or is it just an excuse? This is certainly an additional concern to those who are already suffering from work related stress and certainly the stigma of being perceived as a bludger or weak are probably the main reasons that many delay seeking help. As a Mindskills Therapist and Competence Coach I deal with the hapless victims of work and life related stress on a daily basis.
However, it has been my experience that the majority of clients wait until there is damaging physical evidence The problem is that stress is a succession of ever increasing symptoms and is easily treated if gotten early enough. A bit like a row of dominoes where one falls over and the rest follow on but remove just one and the toppling stops. The inevitable emotional train wreck is stopped in its tracks.


I have no doubt that unmanaged – Stress, left unchecked, is a Killer Condition. Not only that but even when the problems are not necessarily work related they are work affected.

So why do so many organisations and individuals see stress as a Con trick?

The answer is simple – they don’t see the other dominoes. For example – when a supervisor chastises an employee and that employee then disappears with “Work Related Stress” what they are not aware of are the many other dominoes that have already begun to topple and their flippant remark has just knocked over another. Not only that, but the other dominoes may not be linked to any other work related issues. So what happens is that we have the supervisor wondering what went wrong, the employer walking on eggshells and the stressed out employee heading for a total breakdown or the civil courts.

The Solution

The solution depends on when the sufferer seeks help. The cause is rarely the chastisement, remark or the stress situations at work or home but a lack of control over them. This is where The Mindskills Approach is essential. If damage has already occurred then we need to stop the rot. We need to remove the next domino in the sequence before we get to Serious Ill Health. For this we use Mindskills Therapy – a unique combination of Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP) and Intervention therapies – to build mental, physical and emotional strength. Then we rebuild the competence level through Competence Coaching. Competence Coaching is about rebuilding the life and work coping resources. The wrong solution is what many stress Counsellors and Therapists offer today – Imagine just for a moment that you are feeling the strain. You have a heavy workload and you are not coping too well. So you take out a few minutes to meditate and relax. You now feel great and you get back to work. However, the effect is only temporary. While you were relaxing the problem was growing and the conveyor belt of life was still running. All you did was increase the concentration of the pressures by not dealing with the problem. That is why the Mindskills Approach works for you. It helps you identify more efficient ways of managing your stressors. It provides you with the mental acuity and strength to solve your problems. The very problems that are slowly killing you. The longer you travel down the wrong road the greater the damage that needs to be repaired.

A Problem Ignored will Fester. A Problem Handled will Wither.

Handle Your Problems with The Mindskills Approach

The Mindskills Approach is extremely simple and yet so very effective. It works for every areas of your life and work. It is the modern solution to modern problems. The Mindskills Approach is like a Processor Upgrade for your Brain. Your brain operates your world and unless you learn how to use it, it will become overloaded. This overload is the seed of stress damage. This overload is what the causes the first domino to start falling.

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Sessions can be held online over our unique secure conference facility. There is no need to travel or sit in a consulting room. Sit at home and have a chat with your personal Mindskills Therapist and Competence Coach and be amazed at the results.

If you are an HR or Safety Manager then we can work with you and your staff to develop a personalized plan of action that is fully compliant with occupational safety and health.

The Mindskills Approach – Helping Managers to Manage and People to Cope – by developing the tools, techniques and strategies associated with the Protection, Prevention, Promotion and Prediction of you and your workforce.

Protection – Shielding people and businesses from harm.
Prevention – Helping those with existing problems to manage their recovery and prevent their situation from worsening.
Promotion – Creating a safe and healthy environment through enabling cultural and behavioural change at a core level.
Prediction – Developing the skills of insight – solving problems before they become an issue.



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