Swine Flue – Contingency planning

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The following information from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development on helping employers deal with Swine Flu is excellent. However, as a Risk Management Coach and a sole proprietor I don’t have employees and my business doesn’t allow for absenteeism. So I have highlighted what I do to minimise the risk of me falling ill, whether it be from Swine Flu or even worse Man Flu :o).

CIPD ADVICE: Employers should:

  • Be prepared by developing a contingency plan.

    Make sure that you build a strong immune system. Don’t wait for a manufactured vaccine help your body build its own resistance before it’s needed. This is done via a good nutritional diet, moderate exercise, no high carbs or sugary snacks, and a daily dose of a tropical fruit drink called Mangosteen Juice. My whole family are on the same regime and my daughter works in a pharmacy, my son and his partner are nurses so they are exposed to all sorts on a daily basis. So far over the past five years we have all avoided the flu, the cold or any other illnesses. I have a disabling respiratory weakness caused by a severe allergic sensitivity to wood and paper dusts so protecting my respiratory system is essential for my continued wellbeing. If I get the flu it could be fatal so I am considered the At Risk category. I know this regime works and I cannot afford to be wrong. This might be anecdotal but to me it is evidence – it also helps being a Professional Health Coach which paramount in my managing my condition. If you need help in building your immune system or to aid recovery from chronic ill health then drop me an email – I’ve been there and came out the other side. wilf@mindskills.co.uk

  • Have strategies to maximise the amount of home-working that is possible by staff.

    I run online training events and hold meetings most days of the week and I do it all from my home office. My client base is International and using the Internet and Conferencing Facilities as suggested below I have established a good business model. For this I use Globalpreneurs.

  • Investigate ways of increasing use of video links and teleconferencing which can help limit the amount of face-to-face contact.

    Due to my allergic sensitivity I was forced some years ago to change how I perform my services and over the past few years I have seen the cost of using online video conferencing drop to a very affordable level. I use a system that gives me unlimited video conferencing and online PowerPoint presentations for around £20 a month. This saves me hiring a venue or travelling to meetings. I also allows my clients to attend a one hour conference or coaching session from their office desk with minimum disruption at the workplace. I also use a live Video link from my client website so that they can contact me from their computer. And if they require a meeting then I can set a private conference up in less than a minute.

  • For service/customer facing organisations, explore the possibility of increasing the amount of online transactions as well as self-service options for customers.

    I hold discussions with potential clients online and via the telephone. All payments are via my online payment system and I also have an online client management system where they can access my diary to check my availability. I use The Coaches Console for this. They give you a Professional Edge. http://www.runurl.com/xx.php?q89

  • Have in place plans that will enable the organisation to operate on a skeleton staff.

    I am the skeleton staff and so are the rising number of contract trainers, coaches and consultants.

  • Identify key roles that must be carried out and identify those individuals who have a wide range of skills who can fulfil more than one function.

    As a sole proprietor Networking and Joint Ventures is important. I have a network of contact partners across the globe should I need them. Fortunately we only meet to discuss business opportunities and market trends.

  • Ensure that procedures are developed to ensure smooth handovers for employees who are filling in for colleagues in unfamiliar roles. It may be necessary to provide additional training and a risk assessment if individuals are moving to roles where there may be a healthy and safety risk.

    As a sole proprietor you don’t have that luxury.

Working as a Risk Management Coach I don’t do anything without first considering the risks. Before any of us decides to make a decision or to even put off making a decision then we need to consider the risks. Swine Flu is no different. Risk Management Coaching is about:

  • Protection – Shielding people and businesses from harm.
  • Prevention – Helping those with existing problems to manage their recovery and prevent their situation from worsening.
  • Promotion – Creating a safe and healthy environment through enabling cultural and behavioural change at a core level.
  • Prediction – Developing the gift of insight.

I hope this helps you to see that Managing the Risks is far better than Managing the Consequences. Swine Flu is a Risk that must be considered whether you are a large organisation or, like me, a sole proprietor.

There is one thing you cannot afford and that is to do nothing. If you want to eliminate or reduce the risks to your business from any quarter then follow the principles above. If you need assistance then drop me an email and we can arrange a No Cost/No Obligation Risk Management Coaching session. wilf@mindskills.co.uk


Wilf Archer; PhD, Chartered MCIPD, CMIOSH, GHR(Reg).

Risk Management Coach

Website: http://www.mindskills.co.uk

Blog: https://mindskills.wordpress.com

Bio: http://www.thelifeclinic.co.uk
Twitter name: Wilfsam


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