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Nature’s Anti Viral

Black Elderberry Juice, 100% Pure

Proven Anti-Viral in Controlled Double-Blind Trials


Elderberry, Proven Anti-Viral

Elderberry has been shown to reduce the severity and duration of viral infections in controlled, double-blind trials.

Elderberry juice contains an anti-viral compound termed “antivirin”, found in trials to be active against influenza types A and B, including the most virulent strains.

In one trial of adults and children with respiratory viral infections, 93% receiving elderberry extracts showed significant clinical improvements within 2 days… whereas it took 6 days to achieve similar improvement in those receiving placebo.

Another randomized, placebo-controlled trial of people with Panama flu type showed significant clinical reduction in symptoms and fever in 93%, whilst 92% of the placebo group took up to 6 days to recover.

A similar larger trial found a group taking elderberry syrup were relieved of flu symptoms on average 4 days earlier than those taking placebo. Levels of antibodies were found to be significantly higher in those taking elderberry extract.


Tim Moorhouse, Countryfile, Elderberry

Well known medical herbalist Tim Moorhouse appeared on Countryfile (BBC1, Sun 25th Oct) to extol the virtues of elderberries as a powerful natural anti-viral. As Tim says “Elderberries are very anti-viral”…”Elderberries are active against the cold and flu viruses” and Tim agreed that Elderberries are as active as orthodox anti-viral medication. See excerpt from the BBC Documentary proof.


Recommended Use

Take 30ml of concentrated black elderberry juice each day. Dilute with 4 parts water to return to natural strength elderberry juice if you prefer.

Feel free to take more than 30ml if you wish. There are no known side-effects.

Where Can You Get Your Black Elderberry Juice?


NO added sugar, NO artificial sweeteners,
NO other juices and NO preservatives

Our juice contains only one ingredient…
highly concentrated Black Elderberry


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