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Stress and the Immune System

Stress And Your Immune System

An executive comes down with the flu the night before an important presentation. A couple takes off for a much-needed vacation–and both get sick. A person in the throes of divorce suffers one chronic infection after another. Coincidence? Increasingly, researchers think not.

Recognizing Stress

Stress exists in many forms. Any situation that you’re not in control of is stressful, as is one that makes demands that you feel you can’t meet. Change, even positive change such as a new job or the birth of a child, is stressful. That’s why no one can completely escape stressful events. When you let stress get under your skin, your body responds with a flood of hormones that prepare you for extreme action — the “fight or flight” response.

The Body’s Response

Research has identified the stress response as a factor in many stress-related illnesses, such as high blood pressure and digestive problems. Now, there’s evidence that stress can weaken the immune system. The hormones cortisone and adrenaline released in response to stress are such potent suppressers of the immune system that they’re sometimes prescribed for disorders in which the immune system is overactive — such as allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Stress Or Lifestyle?

Studies of large groups of people and their patterns of illness and stress showed a connection — the more stress, the more illness. And, animal studies show that cells of the immune system decline when the animal is under stress. If stress increases your chance of illness, from the common cold to cancer, does that prove that stress affects the immune system? Probably, but not for sure. You see, people under stress often behave in ways that are, in themselves, harmful to the immune system: They sleep less, exercise less, eat poorly, smoke, drink, and use drugs more than people who are less stressed.

What You Can Do

Whatever the cause of stress-related illness, one thing is sure: You can boost your health by dealing with stress head-on. This means taking a good look at your life and eliminating those activities that are stressful and not really necessary. Of course, no one can eliminate all stress — even boredom is stressful — but you can reduce your body’s response to stress by learning some stress-management techniques: meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization. Get regular exercise and sleep, which are both healthful and stress-reducing, and avoid junk food. Cut back on those approaches that don’t work—such as alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes.

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Top Secret EU Proposal

Time waits for no man.


No matter what you think of the European market they do have the knack of coming up with some weird and obscure ideas. They have straightened our cucumbers and bananas, regulated on our Great British sausage and interfered with our fishermen and farmers. But worse is yet to come.

As we know in 1971 we adopted the European system of measurement, they changed our yards to metres, our inches to centimetres they then changed our pounds, shillings and pence to pounds and pence (metric money), what is next ?

New secret plans, leaked from Brussels, reveals a revolutionary concept of time.

On the first of April in the year 2013, which is not too far away, the whole of Europe will see the arrival of the New European Measurement of TIME (metric time to be called New-time). Out will go the old system of 60 seconds to the minute, 60 minutes to the hour and 24 hours to the day, etc. and in will come the new second, new minute and new hour, etc. All of which will be calculated on fractions of TEN. This is to make the computerisation and new technology calculations of time easier and overcome the problems associated with the Millennium Bug.

You may wish to ask yourself, “Why the EU ‘Working Time’ directive has made its appearance now?” Nobody bothered before but now there is money to be made in controlling time itself.

Big business is getting geared up to make a fortune from the general public in particular the Swiss Clock manufacturers are stockpiling hands and faces in order to create an international shortage. Time has now become a commodity with which to make money and unless the general public and small business start to accumulate and bank hours now, they will find that there will not be enough to go around. The motto is now ‘use it or lose it

Trade union officials are reserved about the new system as it will mean a change in the working week from the present 5 days to a remarkable 8 new-day working week but the benefits are that actual working day will be shortened to five hours instead of the present eight. Each hour will be 100 new-minutes long instead of sixty minutes. But the biggest change and the one which has brought about the greatest controversy is the loss of two months from our year.

From the year 2013 the year is to be shortened from twelve months to ten months. Gone will be the months of November and March because it has been recorded that these are the worst two months of the year for poor weather and poor February will now be lengthened to forty days but will still only be four weeks long.

The system is not without problems especially with the abolition of March and November. In the United Kingdom we will lose our national saints’ days. We will lose St. David’s day, St. Patrick’s day, and St. Andrew’s day. It has been suggested by parliament’s secret committee that these celebration days be moved to 23rd April (presently St. George’s day). This has the support of all the major parties but as expected is opposed by all of the nationalist politicians.

Other tragedies are the loss of Mothering Sunday, Guy Fawkes and that the Blue Peter Christmas appeal will have to begin in September. Easter will be celebrated only once every five years except in a new-leap year, which occurs every ten years. A new-leap year will see the addition of another month onto the calendar to allow the seasons to stay in phase with the weather but this will be worked without pay as it has been termed only a ‘numerical month’. It will form part of the Working Time agreement and that Brussels has ensured through legislation that this new month cannot be included in any pay or condition calculations or negotiations.

It has yet to be decided what to do if your birthday falls within March and November but it is likely that you will be given a choice as to which date you prefer to celebrate. This is a commercial decision based wholly on the finances of the European Parliament and the present Fiscal Stimulus. Britain has yet to opt out but as we embrace the 2009 G20 Summit in London it is highly unlikely.

To give you an idea as to the new-time allocations I have provided a brief outline below:

100 new-second in a new-minute

100 new-minutes in a new-hour

10 new-hours in a new-day

10 new-days in a new-week

400 new-days in a new-year

40 new-days in a new-month

10 new-months in a year

A new-leap year to fall every ten years with the addition of a new-month.


Please do not take this lying down, it will affect you and your children. For more details email:


Wilf Archer

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