What is The Mindskills Approach?

Do You Have The Mindskills Essential For 21st Century Survival?

“…Our world is changing at an ever increasing rate so if you are finding it difficult keeping pace just now you will find it impossible once you are left further behind…”

The Mindskills Approach is about helping you embrace your solution rather than be engulfed by the problems.

As a Mindskills Therapist and Competence Coach– Wilf Archer helps individuals and businesses to understand how the human mind works – not how the academics or theorists think it should work. But actually teaching you how to use your brain, how to think, how to analyse and how to solve your problems.
The technique he developed is called The Mindskills Approach which is about developing the skills to Empower, Enable and Equip you to be the master of circumstance rather than its victim. His passionate belief is that we are all geniuses, irrespective of academic achievements or labelled disabilities. We all have the potential to solve our own problems in every area of our lives and all that is needed is a systematic process that opens our thinking and unleashes our genie.

From overcoming Personal Dyslexia to Mastering Employee Behaviour

No matter what the predicament – Personal, Relationship, Business, Mental, Physical or Emotional the Mindskills Approach offers a unique solution to your unique problem.

Helping Managers to Manage and People to Cope – Through the medium of One to One or Group coaching you will learn the tools, techniques and strategies associated with the Protection, Prevention, Promotion and Prediction of your desired lifestyle.

o Protection – Shielding yourself or your business from harm.
o Prevention – Helping you with existing problems and managing your recovery, thus prevent your situation from worsening.
o Promotion – Creating a safe and healthy environment through enabling cultural and behavioural change at a core level.
o Prediction – Developing your gift of prophecy.

The Mindskills Approach has been used successfully to:
o Build a People Centred Business. Nowadays business success is not so much about the latest technology but about improving the communications between people. Developing mind skills helps businesses build a cohesive, competent and creative workforce.
o Boost the effectiveness of existing medical treatments. The Mindskills Approach coaching service is fully complementary with the National Health Service and by working together you can compile a realistic plan that focuses on managing your recovery.
o Eliminate the harmful effects of Negative Stress. The Mindskills Approach provides an occupationally relevant solution for those suffering from work related stress, harassment or bullying. A solution that is driven by the individual but can be supported by their employer.
o Purge the causes of Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Addictions or Phobias. Emotional trauma can be devastating but by learning the simple meridian therapy used within the Mindskills Approach you can self treat and eliminate the root causes.
o Master Anger Management. The Mindskills Approach can get to the root cause and help you or your loved one to change.
o Achieve your Goals and Beat your Addictions. You know that Will Power alone does not work. The Mindskills Approach allows you to maximise the skills of focused concentration and tenacity. You can even deal with emotional eating problems.
o Become a calm and efficient parent supporting your children. Children need support but when they get to the rebellious age, duck. Now you can learn the covert tools and techniques to manage that awkward age.
o Help with Dyslexia. The Mindskills Approach was initially developed for creating an educationally elite. Now it can provide practical help in managing Dyslexia in adults and even teach the parents the skills to work with their children.

No Need to Travel – Sessions held within the privacy of your own home using our personal online conference facility or arrangements can be made to meet locally.  

Be the Master of Your Circumstances Rather Than Its Victim

If it is causing you problems – mental, physical or emotional then Wilf Archer can help you – Build a solid self-confidence – Let go of past anger, guilt or resentment – Programme yourself, your staff or your children for success – Improve study and exam skills – Handle Emotional Upset – – etc. etc.

The Mindskills Approach the Founder’s Bio

Wilfred S G Archer, PhD; Chartered MCIPD; CMIOSH; OSHCR; GHR (Reg); NHR;.

Website: http://www.mindskills.co.uk
Online CPD Video Conference Suite: http://www.globalpreneurs.com/mindskills
Email: admin@mindskills.co.uk Skypename: wilfsam
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wilf_archer

o Chartered* Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development
o Member of the Chartered Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
o Nationally Registered Consultant (OSHCR)
o Master NLP Practitioner, Advanced Hypnotherapist.
o Health and Safety Competent Person for the General Hypnotherapy Council
o Post-Graduate Qualifications in Education, Computing, Risk Management, and Engineering.
o The UK’s leading Professional Health Coach
o Meridian Therapist Practitioner and Tutor (EFT and Freeway CER)
o Energy Psychologist and Reiki Master

*Wilf Archer is the only Complementary Health Therapist within the UK who holds Two Royal Charters. A Royal Charter is a badge of recognition conferred by Her Majesty the Queen in acknowledgement for quality and excellence of service.

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